Sunday, November 28, 2010

Children in Eau Claire, Chicago & UAE

Children are the spirit of the life, without them I think life is boring.
I believe each culture teach morals to the children in their own way.  I observed in Eau Claire and Chicago that children are more reliable on their selves and are independents. Parents fulfill their desires easily and also they don’t yell or beat them if they are spoiled or naughty. I saw that they cry on the floors of the shopping malls and run here and there, and the parents are calm.  I think the American parents are patients.
As for UAE, if the children are naughty or spoiled slaps easily come to their way. Also the parents in the UAE don’t easily fulfill children desires and needs because they want to teach them the value of things and also teach them how to be patient.
I’m glad the way my parents treated me when I was a kid.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The UAE & The US value the family

The United Arab Emirates and the United States, both value the family. Before coming here, I thought western countries doesn’t value family and doesn’t respect the family. But I was wrong.
It is true the type of the families differ. In the UAE, most of families are big. It is normal in urban areas to have families living with their relatives in one house. I remember when I was a child, we (my family) used to live with my uncles and aunts with their families in one house. However right now the couples want to live on their own and they say they want more privacy.

In the US, the family members are less with three, four or six at least in one house. Parents give more independence to their children, that’s because they are individual society. As for the UAE, it is collective society; where uncles and aunts have the right on their nephews and niece as the parents have. They can treat them as their children, correct them and also sometimes they pay for their education.

Regarding the divorce rate, as I assumed, it is increasing in the UAE, according to local newspaper in the UAE ‘khaleej times’ declared that the divorce rate in the UAE has touched 46 per cent, the highest in the Arab Gulf Co-operation Council (AGCC)”. This was in 2003 and I think now it is more than 50%. In my country the values and the meaning of the family is disappearing. Too sad, but it is a fact

Sunday, November 7, 2010

2nd Nov Election Day For Americans

First time in my life I saw real voting, I’ve seen voting in movies but in alive. I noticed a lot of people are really worried or confused who they were going to elect. Last Tuesday I went to Davies Centre to see the voting system to observe it. I went there and found professional observers were sitting and watching the voting process. Also in the same room there was an area to register and three wards. Who (students) were not registered then they will go and register, and I notice they checked the data carefully, after that they went to the wards to take the voting paper. Then they filled the paper then they put it in the machine which counts how many people voted. There were two colored of voting papers and when I asked they told me that it means from which state the voter belong. Plus, there were online voting page, which some student used because it takes a lot of time. Fer and I asked what if someone votes twice; they said it’s more about morals and also after the election then figure out whether anyone voted twice or not.
It was quite interesting to see how people are concerned who is going to rule them. In my country we know who is going to be the next president without election. This time in my country was little bite not obvious as son of the president became the president besides the Vice- president. But the system of the country is the same.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

"African Americans" and "Native Americans"

Today my Blog is about two topics and these two people are the minorities in the United States. Before I start my blog, I'll state some facts about these minorities.
African Americans: were brought by force to American continent as slaves and later they asked for freedom.
Native Americans: were the land owners and European took their land.

First of all, Joe and Karol's are African Americans in Eau Claire and they were in our class last week. They told us about their life experiences and suffering they went through. Joe is an orphan and grew up in foster care centre; I guess the same case is with Karol's (he didn’t talk much). I was amazed when Joe said that he was living in 16 houses and was only concentrating how to survive in his early stage. He also mentioned that white people stare at them and don’t like them. Plus some discrimination is going on their side. For instance, he said that the police some times disturb him and ask unnecessary questions to him. He also doesn’t take part in voting because for him it is useless. To add more, Joe cited that in his hometown people don't gaze at him as they do here.

Secondly the Native American, Professor Johnson invited a Native American to our class and his name is Adawa (not sure with the spelling). He told us that for them the 'Land' doesn’t belong to any one. When the European came they drew lines which are borders and they were not familiar with it. He also said that the north part of Eau Claire was Native Americans and the south was Europeans. But later, when the time passed the European became the dominate group and ruled the entire state. Right now they have a small area where their rules and laws are implemented. He mentioned that in that area his family with his tribe lives. They can joke a part between each other and they worship the nature. He told us that there are more than 500 tribes and 20 languages.
At the end, Europeans hands were everywhere, made people salve and native people as minority in their own land. These two groups are living in America some are happy (Native Americans) and others are unhappy (African Americans). I think all governments should be fair to their nation whether they are white or black and from different religions. Then the peace and true nation will come up.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Ropes Day

It wasn’t ordinary a day; it was full of excitement and fun day. In hidden part it was an experience and learning out door. When Professor Johnson told us that she would take us to ropes, I thought she would take us to museum. But when she displayed the pictures, I became excited because I love to try these types of things. (Adventurous things)
Personally speaking it was good for me, because my classmates knew me well and understood me too. We learnt how to build a team and trust ourselves and others.
The first game (commander & attacker) was so good, it showed us how to work in group of two and trust our partner and listen to what he/she says while our eyes are shut.
The second game (wood) was amazing. I really loved Abdul aziz idea of separation and gathering again. If we weren’t separated then lots of voices and ideas would came out. We were separated and each group came up with an idea and we shared and then we made the decision.
Last one, (spider house) was unbelievable. When the coach asked what is your aim and goal. I thought we have to open all the mesh and think of new thing. But when he said that we have to use the spaces to come out, there I was staggered for a while…
Actually I didn’t tell them that I don’t want to be carried by men but the Malaysian boys said it. And I'm really thankful to them.
This course overall told us about leadership and ’can-do’’ spirit. We figured about that there are lots of leaders between us, some are listeners, planners and others are doers and decision makers.
Thanks all

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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Homecoming …
What is homecoming??!!!
Some people described it as welcoming the alumni or graduated students of a university. And others said it is an excuse to be drunk.

Let me tell you how I got the meaning of the homecoming in my dorm. Before the weekend came, the mass were talking about homecoming. Some people who I know from my hall asked me what am I going to do in the homecoming, my respond was: what is homecoming and this weekend I’m going to study. They laughed and said “Hey Asya have fun, participate in the activities, and forget studies for a while”. I gazed at them for a second and waved my hand wishing them to have fun. But I didn’t actually take their advice. What I observed in the whole weekend, is that homecoming is drinking day from morning till second day, and people want to be out of their sense.
Homecoming also means American Football (Footy) and marching band. I love music so it’s obvious I liked the band a lot, but as for the footy, I went and saw the first half. The reason I didn’t continue watching footy was the weather, it was too cold and also I don’t like American football at all.  

I don’t think people in my country would be interested in homecoming. I believe it is an excuse for being drunk and they are carrying it as traditional heritage.
That’s all

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ask Americans - Interview

Immigrants are everywhere not just in the US, but the exceptional thing about US is that it wants to be a mixing pot, to combine all races, cultures... and etc.   Conversion happens and takes time, however I believe it didn’t take too long in US as other countries took or taking. For example, Muslims are allowed to live in Makka (one of the holiest place for Muslims), but they will not get the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Last week I interviewed a student 19 years old and she is from my dorm and in the same wing.   She told me that her ancestors are originally from Norway and Germany. When I asked her who came to US from her family first, she replied that her great great grandfather came and settled in the mid west.  It's sad to hear that from her family no one speaks German or Norwegian, but her grandfather knows a little.  She also told me that her great grand father descendants had got married with Americans, who are from other countries as well.  The interviewee also added that they are not practicing any custom or traditional from her original countries; which I consider is a loss. As we all know that; each culture has a unique touch of values which should be carried not left behind. The reason I'm saying this because I know people who are immigrants from other countries but still performing their culture and tradition in United Arab Emirates. Plus, culture is the literature and the art of a country to symbolize the country's culture where these immigrants belong.. Our conversation went on and I asked her whether she had been to her original country or any of her family members, her answer was "No" and also they didn’t contact any of their relatives back there, so in my point of view they are missing their real hereditary values and connections.  The reason behind her predecessors had came to the US was to have a better life away from hard life. We ended the interview by going to cafeteria to have our dinner.